Search Engine Optimization – The Top 6 Elements of SEO

One of the primary tasks of a small business web developer is to ensure that their site is optimized for the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN. A company’s search engine optimization can help to improve the number of visitors coming to their websites. But search engine optimization isn’t the only thing a company can do to increase traffic. A company’s internet marketing strategy can be just as beneficial. Many small businesses don’t think of internet marketing as an important aspect of their business. Yet it is an important factor for the success of a company’s online presence.


Search engine optimization improves a company’s internet marketing strategy by defining the purposes of individual keywords. Search engines look at the keywords a user enters when searching and assign a rank to them based on the keywords the user has entered. Search engine optimization focuses on these keywords so a company’s SEO efforts can increase a company’s odds of gaining a top rank.


A company’s search engine optimization efforts also define other factors related to backlinks. One such factor is the amount of authority a website is given in a specific niche. A company may appear on the first page of a large search engine for a particular niche. However, if they have very little authority in that niche, their backlink profiles may not be sufficient to gain a top ranking.


Search engine optimization also focuses on external links. An external link comes from another website with a higher PR. A company’s domain authority may give them the chance to have more internal links. However, if they don’t have links with high domain authority, their PR may not give them the chance to gain more backlinks. So a company’s goal in their external link building strategy should include a plan on how they will gain a higher PR and increase a company’s domain authority.


The fourth step is to improve their digital marketing. Digital marketing means all forms of internet marketing including social media. Many people believe that a person should only focus on one type of marketing but a person should be able to reach any audience they want through a variety of mediums. In this case, a person needs to make sure that their digital marketing campaigns include everything like keyword research, content writing, viral video, SEO strategies, and social media. If a company only focuses on one thing, it may seem like they are limiting themselves but if they have multiple goals, it may seem like they are accomplishing a lot.


The fifth step is to figure out what a person meant when they typed in a keyword. A person can get confused when trying to understand a keyword or phrase because there are a lot of possible interpretations. For example, if someone searches for “how to grow a garden”, there are a lot of different things that someone could get from the search results. The question that crops up is whether the user intent was to search for how to grow a garden or if they were searching for how to grow marijuana or anything else.


The sixth step is to take a look at their backlink profiles and their inbound links. Although a company has done an optimization campaign that increases their open site explorer link profile, if the number of inbound links are low, it could mean that the competitors have done a better job of getting backlinks. Companies that do not have as many backlink profiles as another company may seem like they are weaker inbound links but the reverse is true when the other company does have a very high number of backlink profiles compared to the other.


The last step is to take a good look at the internal pages of a company and the pages where a competitor has linked to their backlink profile. In the first step, companies should see which pages of the competitors’ websites they can find links from. This is a good measure because a company can learn a lot about what a competitor is doing with their links and how they are getting traffic. It is also a good way to find out how a competitor is getting traffic and which keywords they are using to drive traffic.

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