Understanding Web Design and Development

SCUBA is an abbreviation for a gas chromatography unit, and there is another web design and engineering specialty called as Scubaweb Engineering. Both the terms are used to refer to the special field of web design and engineering. There is a lot of difference between web design and engineering and web design is used to describe particular technological development like designing a website or creating an interactive site. Whereas, the latter is a generic term used to describe the whole concept and methodology of website development.


A lot of people are very much interested in the field of web design and engineering, and a large number of them have done their studies on this particular subject matter. The popularity of the web has made lots of people involved in the study of web design and engineering. A lot of schools and colleges are now offering specialized courses on web design and engineering. These courses are usually offered in colleges located near the cities where there is high demand for professionals who are engaged in web design and engineering.


Basically, web design is the visual aspect of a web site, which aims to make it appealing to its visitors. One can use several graphic tools to create appealing visual interfaces for websites. One of the most important aspects of web design is the choice of colors. Every web site should be created in a specific color theme that is in accordance with the targeted audience for that particular site. A web designer needs to be very creative in choosing the right color scheme so that he can create an attractive site.


Web design and engineering requires the students to learn the various different programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. The knowledge in these different computer languages is also essential. One must get proper training in order to master these languages. In order to make full use of web design and develop attractive websites, one must possess good designing skills. Several colleges and universities offer web design and engineering courses, which can help students get trained in this field.


There are various web design and engineering universities in India. These colleges provide training in the different aspects of this profession. Apart from learning the technical aspects of this profession, these courses also teach the students how to use various design and image manipulating software. These programs include Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. Along with studying, the students need to pass practical exams.


The first step towards launching your own website is getting a domain name registered. After registration, the next step towards web design and development is planning the layout of the website. During planning, the layout of the web site is determined with the assistance of a graphic designer. After completion of this phase, the next step is to write content on the website. During the planning phase, various things like graphics, images and text are planned. The layout of the website is done by web developers who are experts in this field.


After completing the planning phase, the designing phase begins. The web designer uses various programs to create images, web pages, etc. A final product of the web design and development is delivered to the client. This entire process involves programming, design and development. It also involves marketing of the website, maintenance and management of the website and many more things.


The duration of this course depends upon the students. Some colleges may have regular courses on web design and engineering, while some may be offering such courses as part of their other engineering courses. Engineering courses such as electrical and computer engineering offer web design as part of the course. Various other engineering courses like biomedical, bio-medical and others also provide training in web design and development. In order to complete these courses, students need to undergo internship in IT sectors.

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