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What exactly is Web Design? In essence, web design encompasses a number of disciplines, including usability, user experience, and technical functionality. Essentially, web design covers both the aesthetic aspect of the site and it’s functionality. There are two distinct components to web design – user experience and technical aspects of designing.


User Experience (UX) encompasses the entire visual interface of the site. For example, you would consider web design and development skills when planning the layout of the page, placement of graphics, and color schemes. You would not consider these things when determining what type of software to use for the site. User experience includes the ease in which users find the information on the site. The interaction, as you would put it, is smooth and appropriate.


User Interface (UI) is the actual application and interface (how users see the information on the screen) of the web design. Usability refers to how well users can understand the information displayed on the screen. Technical functionality includes coding/programming the program code, as well as understanding of how the program works. When it comes to graphic design, this refers to the actual image used to present the information on the screen. It also includes the color scheme, size, and format.


When it comes to the back-end development (or also known as Back-end Dev), the technical side of things is what developers and designers code and build. These are the pages that load on a browser and interact with the user. This is what web application includes. There are two types of web application: user-page application and client-server application. User-page applications are single pages that are hosted by a server and accessible to users on the Internet. Examples of these are blogs, photo galleries, interactive e-commerce systems, instant messaging systems and forms for adding in social networks.


On the other hand, client-server applications are designed using technologies such as PHP, Ruby on rails, Coldfusion, JSP and so on. The front-end developers, or the ones who actually write the code, can either be web designers or developers who have technical skills. Usually, these kind of developers and designers who do the coding have good technical skills as well. But just like the ones in the back-end development, they need to follow rules and guidelines from the management and client to ensure the project’s success.


As a result, there is a great need for website design and software development team. The company needs both expertise in both web application and technical skills. Therefore, it is really necessary to find a good web application and technical expert that can work hand-in-hand with the designer. They can help in completing the project faster and without any problems.


A web designer has to pay attention to several factors such as usability. It is very important that the web application or web design looks nice, but the most important thing is that the user will find it easy to use and understand. If the user finds the page easy to navigate, he/she will stay on the page for a longer time. This will then lead to increased conversions and better customer experience.


Web designers and developers may come from different background and technical skill sets. When hiring a web designer or a web developer, make sure that you check his/her experience, skill sets and previous projects. It will be better if you try to talk to former customers so you will be able to know the quality of service of that company. Always remember that your website creation and website development will greatly affect your business so it is vital that you choose professional and knowledgeable web designers and developers.

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