Choose iPhone As Your Web Design App

There are lots of Android applications which give you an online PC (laptop). Many of these apps make the web designing tasks really simple. However, most of the web developers never think about using mobile apps for their web design work. Do you know that even you can do web design with your Android phone? There are many web design apps for android that will make your web design task easier.


There are lots of apps available for Android phones. One such great web design app is the Sketchbook for Android. This amazing app allows you to draw almost anything with the help of various sketches and tools. The amazing part about this app is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use it. You can simply draw different elements such as text, images, logos and much more.


Another great web design app is the Android sketchpad. It is a free Android drawing and sketching tool which allows web designers to edit, add, delete and share their sketches with other users. Moreover, you can also share your own sketches using this awesome program. With Android Sketchpad, you can also share your graphical project files such as PSD, JPEG and PNG files.


Another great web design app is the Android Figma Mirror. This Android app allows web designer to view their Android portfolio on the go. You can check out the work of your favorite designers right on your smartphone. All you need to do is install the Figma Mirror app and browse your favorite designers websites. You can also watch your favorite movies being made in Android devices. All these features make Figma a must have for web developers who are always on the go.


The Android Design Pro is another wonderful app for Android designers. It allows you to see your completed projects on your Android phone. This application also lets you share your finished projects with your friends and other users via Google Android app. The designers just need to sign up in the developer portal in order to access all its features and functions.


For those web developers who do not have any web design software installed in their phones, there is still a way to create a professional web design with the help of this amazing Android app. The PhoneGap android app offers this type of service. The only requirement is that your phone needs to have a high-speed internet connection. This is because the app uses the HSDPA library which provides fast web browser capabilities.


With the help of css frameworks and designer themes, you can design websites effortlessly. The PhoneGap design app makes it easy for beginners to start creating websites. In this case, they just need to choose a template and customize it with text and colors. There are many themes available to choose from. You can also add your own color scheme and apply custom logo for a unique touch.


If you want a sophisticated and professional-looking website, the built-in Photoshop features in the PhoneGap mobile web design app are perfect for you. You can use Adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator and dream weaver. These 3D designing tools are fully integrated into the mobile software and allow you to enhance your pictures or scanned documents so that it comes out looking exactly how you want it to. You can also upload your own graphics and use them as canvas for the layout of your website.


Another cool feature of PhoneGap is the WordPress component. With this component, you can easily update your content, images and videos in WordPress. It can be integrated with other css frameworks like the Xanga WordPress component. Moreover, you can also download and install WordPress to your iPhone. This makes it possible for you to use your existing WordPress blog on your mobile device.


You can easily add widgets to your Homescreen using the built-in widgets resource browser. You can use any of the following widgets: LiveCycle, Safariatures, iSwipe, Safari Thoughts, Peek yo, Fastboard and Touchbar. Furthermore, you can easily add any css resource using the built-in css resource browser. With the help of this software, you can manage your online content from any device.


When it comes to viewing pictures or viewing web pages, it’s the iPhone that scores above all the smart phones. That’s why most people think of iPhone as the perfect web design app. iPhone web design allows you to browse through pictures on the web and view them in a mobile format. If you have a tendency to edit or view graphics and web pages on your PC, then iPhone web design app is just perfect for you. All the experts agree that an ideal app is one that offers more than what the user actually needs.

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